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Random Termite Riddles

Q. What is the termite’s favorite instrument?
A. Woodwinds

Q. What is the termite’s favorite glam band?
A. Queen

Q. What is the termite nation’s least used first name?
A. Ance

Q. What do termites do when you put them in a frying pan?
A. They cook.

Q. What does a termite hate more than an ant?
A. Ten ants.

Q. What is the termite’s favorite vocal group?
A. The Carpenters

Q. How many reproductives does it take to mate with the Queen?
A. All of them.

Q. What time is it when you find termites in your white picket fence?
A. Time to get a new fence.

Q. Where do famous termites live?
A. Hollywood.

Q. What do you get when you cross a termite with an ant?
A. A really mad termite.

Written by Leroy, designed by Laurie, Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved